Skåneleden Art in Motion


Skåneleden Art in Motion was a one-year-long art project initiated and run by three municipalities in Skåne, led and curated by Sara Rossling.

From a municipality perspective, the project's basis was to continue to explore the possibilities of working with public art outside the cities in rural areas where there are less often new buildings built and urban development. More specifically, find ways of funding and working with public art beyond the 1% rule in the countryside, nature, and in smaller communities along the art walk Skåneleden. The aim was also to develop methods, produce art, and bring together municipal officials and artists in knowledge exchange and reflections at the intersection of public art, temporality, nature, health, and permanence.

Performative and participatory artist-led walks were explored and found their form and relevance through the project. Four artists/artistic duos created conceptual walks for the project: Gideonsson/Londré, Hillside Projects, Linnea Jardemark, and Annelie Nilsson & Ebba Gyllenhak. The majority of the project took place during the pandemic.

See more documentation from the project here.